Tuesday, March 2, 2010

beautiful blue sky day

gorgeous warm sun. lots of people out, most very happy & polite.

one woman in her own private idaho, cell phone plastered to her ear, loose dog without even a collar, little boy of about 5 who was evidently supposed to be watching the dog. at least she yelled at the boy (who maybe weighed as much as the dog) to get the dog when she saw myself & another woman with our leashed dogs in the on leash area.

yep, worked about like you'd expect. the other gal's dog didn't appreciate being approached by the loose one, so they had a bit of a rodeo while the poor little kid was trying to corral his animal. then she came trotting toward us, so i let halle go, put echo in a sit stay and helped the kid contain the dog. cell phone mama came up, slipped a black leather belt over dog's head like a leash and collar combo & went walking off still talking her phone.

the little boy thanked me for helping, though.

not a very nice spot to put a little kid in.

the other dog owner & i had a nice chat, and the rest ofthe walk was lovely. i was really just sort of amazed by the whole thing.

anyway- happy trails-

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