Sunday, March 14, 2010

beautiful day!

we headed up 8th street because we knew everything would be muddy & the street seemed the best place to be.

still some snow for the pups to play in, lots of mud

and spring flowers starting to show up.

it was so quiet and peaceful and beautiful- great start to the day!

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Matt said...

I just don't see how you can advocate that it is OK to leave bags on the side of the trail (as long as they get picked up on the way back), when clearly so many people don't pick them back up, as evidenced by your photos. Clearly, people see that others leave their bag-o-poop and think it is OK since as they must assume someone is cleaning up after them.

Once again, I equate this with littering, even the person who leaves it temporarily and does pick the bag up. Where else is it considered OK to litter, even temporarily? Even if the bag is left for 10 minutes, it still looks like garbage to the person who walks by and sees it and I don't think it helps dog owners perception by other trail users.