Wednesday, March 31, 2010


things are staring to bloom- a few phlox

not sure what this is- i can never find it in my wildflower books, but it looks like some sort of legume-
i think this is desert parsley, but not positive-

arrowleaf balsamroot showing the first bit of color on the south slopes

and the beautiful dramatic spring skies, snow on the owyhees

today's wildlife: a kingfisher (they're so cool!), red tailed hawk, red winged black birds, meadowlarks & stoned (pretty sure) high school boys.....

everyone on the trails was pleasant & polite & following rules. we dodged off leash dogs all the way home, tho-

happy trails!

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BoiseNoise said...

I think the purple flower you thought might be a legume is an astragalus. It may be the "locoweed" so often referred to in books about the Old West.