Sunday, March 7, 2010

Request for Dog Owner Input

Hi Everyone. Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weather! I received the request below from Dave Beck, President of the Idaho Velodrome which runs the cycling park in Eagle.

I'm the president of the Cycling Park in Eagle and at our board meeting yesterday, we all agreed that we would like to be more proactive with dog walkers at that park and see if we can develop some infrastructure such as an off dog leash areas similar to Fort Boise's.

We are looking to add someone from the Dog Walking community to our Board of Directors. This would be a point person for the dog community and help insure that any future improvements and activities at the park addressed concerns in that area. Also, if there are specific improvements or activities the dog community would like to see at the facility we can work towards accomplishing those goals.

Dave Beck

President, IVCPA

If you are interested or if you have any questions, please contact Dave at

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