Monday, March 29, 2010

letter to R2R

r2r received this email today and asked that i pass it on:

I wish to advise you about the Highland Valley Trail #11. We were on it this weekend and there is so much dog crap alongside the trail on the ground, plus green bags thrown down into the ravine, we were shocked. We counted more than 10 bags thrown over the side and waste all along for a mile up past the Cobb Trail connection. Never have we seen that much thrown to the ground and bags just disregarded without concern. This is truly a big problem in Boise.

Could you please forward this to who it should get to?

I would like to recommend a trash receptacle at this trailhead as there is none at all. And PLEASE a sign that says pickup after your dog! There is none down here in SE Boise and we get our share for sure!


i was also asked to mention that people need to be aware of where the off leash trails are. "on leash trail" signs have been disappearing, but trail designations haven't changed. R2R is replacing signs as quickly as they can, but in the meantime please continue to follow the rules.

thanks! and happy trails-

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