Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wed, aug 26

another beautiful if busy, morning. i had time this am to do a bit of opp (other people's poop) scooping along the entrance from camel's back. good thing, it needed it.

10 without dogs, 8 with. had the lovely experience of walking by 3 other leashed dogs and everyone behaving just fine. when no dogs are lunging it makes a huge difference.

echo got a little snarly with keene, maybe b/c i had him right next to me & he's a bit protective. or maybe he's just a jerk. but i am very comfortable that he is not dog aggressive- paula pointed out if that was the case he would go after every dog. i've had that corroborated by a few other experts. he's just noisy and grumpy. and we're working on it.

and camel's back around 7:45. no kids on trails or in the park.

happy trails!

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