Wednesday, August 12, 2009


halle was so happy to be back out today! and echo seemed glad to have his buddy back too. watching her make a mad dash down the trail always makes me smile- and frequently makes me laugh out loud.

beautiful morning with lots of small floaty clouds

saw moab- off leash in the on area. he never bothers us, and i see his owner carry bags. this is one good argument for timed off leash on some trails. there are a lot of daily users who clean up after their dogs & don't bother anyone & are out at the crack of dawn. what does it hurt?
anyway- 5 others with, 10 without. one bike rider who yelled at me. we got off the trail (downhill part of chickadee) when i heard him coming. he said good morning, i said the same and you're welcome and then he stopped his bike to inform me that he said good morning, and he thought that we were supposed to be there to enjoy the trails, not to be b*&^%y and rode off in a huff.
the thank you (which most people say) matters because it's an acknowledgment that someone went out of their way for you. every time a pedestrian or dog owner or bike rider makes a point of giving another trail user space it's nice to thank them.
this incident brought home to me how many people probably don't understand trail etiquette and made me realize that my husband who is a mountain biker and others who say "don't get off the trail, because people think that pedestrians are supposed to do that" are right. will continue to do so for uphill bikers, and in other situations where it makes sense for me, but we will work on establishing passing lanes in other situations.
anyway- did see a kid on a bike in the park this morning- about 7:10. pretty quiet here otherwise.
happy trails!

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