Monday, August 31, 2009

almost september!

it's beautiful out there on the trails. unfortunately that means more use. margie, tracy & i cleaned up corrals 2 weeks ago and picked up this much opp (other people's poop)

margie & i were out again yesterday, thought we'd just tidy up some......... and before we knew it, we had this much opp..... nearly as much as 2 weeks ago, all very close to the trailhead (and poop bags, and trash can). off leash access is a privilege, not a right. in most cases and in most places, things are much improved. all user groups are getting the message about being polite, dog owners are better at following leash laws and, in many places, picking up. i know it's always worse this time of year. red fox is another prime example. every monday, after the weekend warriors are out, the trail is nasty.

i know i'm preaching to the choir here, but we need to figure out a way to keep reminding people that they need to pick up. just because we haven't yet lost access doesn't mean that we won't.

anyway, i will be out with extra bags & extra time tomorrow to clean up along red fox & chickadee. busy this morning- 13 folks with dogs (just think, if each of those people picked up 2 extra piles the trails would be in great shape....) and 5 without.

most dogs leashed where necessary- except for one who was evidently swimming with the ducks & frogs in the fenced off flood retention pond. the owner was leaning over the rail doing the fishwife scream. a move i am very familiar with thanks to tara ra bouvier. it never did work very well, and i always felt kind of stupid once i realized what i was doing, but it's hard to stop yourself when you need your dog to come back & they are blithely ignoring you. this is why i vowed to have dogs with recall this time around. (thanks paula! you rock!). there was one other dog off leash in the on area- a husky running with her owner. running on heel and not bothering anyone or anything.

otherwise, the dogs we passed who were leashed were also in a heel and we all passed just fine on the trail, no fuss, no muss.

the park was deserted at 7:45. no kids anywhere.
happy trails! have a great week!

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