Tuesday, August 4, 2009

back in town

as much as the pups love their little get aways at boise kennels (really- halle literally charges in the door, and echo actually doesn't play sack of potatoes, move me if you can dog in the lobby any more) they always seem happy to get back on the trails. this morning is no exception.

as usual, a beautiful morning....
i have noticed more trash of all varieties lately. there is an increase in canine leaving, but also human trash. i just love it when my dogs find toilet paper to check out. ICK! so if we need to pack our dog's poop out, why doesn't at all get packed out?

and assorted other flotsam & jetsam.......

need time & a few big bags......
17 w/o (lots of bike this morning) and 7 with. most with following the rules. the exception being the mt biker with 2 dogs coming in from camel's back. but he did pick up & dispose of poop, and the dogs stayed with him & didn't bother us, so that was ok.

camel's back at 7:38....... there were a few women by the playground equipment doing calisthenics together. no children in the park or on the trails.

pretty full parking lot-

happy trails! stay cool!

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