Monday, August 17, 2009

poop scoopin sunday & monday morning

first off, thanks to margie & tracy (and halle, echo, benny & jackson) for helping clean up corrals yesterday.

there was plenty of old poop (no, it doesn't just break down & go away- not very quickly, anyway), trash- including lots of broken glass down the hill to the right of the trail shortly past the gate from the bogus entrance. we picked up as many large pieces as we could, but there's plenty left to cut paws up.

here's the haul from the trailhead off bogus. the lower trailhead from the parking lot wasn't nearly as bad.
found this interesting info on why poop should be picked up. dog waste does differ from that of herbivores- cattle, sheep, horses. i guess that if properly composted it can be used in gardens, but it takes special handling & isn't anything i want to try!
as an fyi, the green bags in the dispensers are biodegradable, and there are also biodegradable bags available at the coop and in various places online.
on to today- beautiful morning!

looks like purple loosestrife, a noxious weed, in the pond area.

6 with, 3 without. all dogs leashed as needed, all trail users pleasant.

camel's back at 7:33.... no kids on the trails or in the park.

happy trails!

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