Saturday, December 27, 2008

walk in the snow

lovely walk in the snow this morning on the central ridge trail. not quite sure why there are shotgun shells at the trailhead.....
this is how it looked shortly after 8 when we started out-
nice reminder that we all helped to preserve the land by voting for the levy, and that private landowners also help by making land available- either to let users pass through or by selling for reasonable prices.

bouvie seems to be happier hanging in the blowing snow than the ridgebacks, but they hung in there really well- as long as they were moving!

i trimmed echo's feet and got him coated with pam before we hit that trail, but i need to find him some booties that will stay on. he picks up big snowballs between his toes and under his pads & on his legs after a while.

snowed steadily the whole time we were out, but we ran into 3 other groups with dogs and one runner without.
and here we are back at the lot a few hours later. trails are icy in places, but the new snow is doing a good job of providing cover. i had the goretex hikers & my gaiters on and that was good. will probably add the yak trax too next time....

please let me know if you have dog boot recommendations for the bunnyman (anyone remember echo and the bunnymen?)
anyway- have a great weekend!


Carla said...

The shotgun shells concern me. Were they spent? It is legal to shoot guns in the foothills?

marianne said...

yes they were, and no it's probably not- on the r2r trails anyway. probably some kids. didn't see any shot up signs or anything.