Thursday, December 18, 2008

more snow expected - watch out for icy trails!

due to work obligations and preparing to head outta town for the holidays, i haven't been on any R2R trails since last saturday, but even then some of the lower trails were quite icy in a few places. i can't imagine how slippery red cliffs or hull's gulch or upper reserve trails might've been! - i saw one gal change her mind and run down red fox instead, just to be safe. and with the partial thaw/refreeze/more snow cycle, it could be pretty treacherous. my older dogs' paws don't get quite the traction they used to. :)

am restocking leashes at the 4 camel's back-area trailheads today. remember, this program is titled "lend-a-leash" - please be courteous to others and don't take the leashes home for your personal use. and have a wonderful holiday season!

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