Saturday, December 6, 2008


my heel doesn't hurt! i can walk! we got back on the trails today with an early hike on corrals.

it was dry today, but signs of it having been wet remain. we never look to see what we've left behind. next time you're out & it's a little wet, turn around and see how the trail looks. you might be surprised at what you find.

beautiful morning! chilly at 9 am. caralea with molly, who is on leash because she has no recall........ yet. didn't seem to hurt her enjoyment of the walk, though- she was houndishly checking out all sorts of smells (molly, that is).
not too busy, but we did see a few groups of runners & one mt. bike. mt biker was the only one without a dog in the group.

things were looking pretty hazy & grungy over the valley.

love the colors of the shrubs when you come over the hill & look down. nice contrast to the tan hills.

and the beautiful blue sky.

we all had a great hike! great way to start the day-

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