Wednesday, December 31, 2008

damage done

because i frightened myself when i stepped on the scale this morning, after i ran (well, mostly walked, but it's a start!) the streets with echo i decided to try out the yaktrax & see how the trails looked with halle. if the ground wasn't frozen or i couldn't navigate on the trail, i was turning around & coming back.

this is how the entrance from camel's back looks:
pretty much an ice skating rink. i have to say that i was surprised at how well the yaktrax work. i was doing better than my buddy with 4 wheel drive in some places. i wouldn't be running on this ice in them, but got by ok walking. it was a bit dicey on hills, but mostly just fine.

what's apalling is how much traffic there has been off the trail in the mud and how visible it is.

easy to see how the trail gets widened by people trying to find a non slippery spot to run.

some of the tracks are pretty far from the trail- i can only guess that maybe people think that if they're farther away, and it's just them, there won't be much impact.

on top of chickadee, which most of us think of as a sandy trail, there are deep tracks. this should be pretty chopped up and rough by spring.

please be aware of the impact that your feet, bike, dog's paws have on the environment.
if it's wet enough that you're picking up mud, if you're sliding and leaving deep tracks, if it's too icy to stay on the trail proper, if things start out ok but get muddy or icy, please find somewhere else to run or hike or bike.
happy 2009 to all-

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