Wednesday, December 31, 2008

things to do when the trails are icy....

  • get reacquainted with the neighborhood- the streets are pretty clear and dry
  • check out holiday lights
  • go snowshoeing
  • since you're on leash anyway, practice heeling, sit stays, down stays, come, etc.....
  • head south- there are spots in canyon & owyhee counties with sandy soil & probably no snow
  • check out a doggy day care for a few hours (all day might be too much for some dogs, but a few hours was a lifesaver when halle was a puppy & i couldn't walk her very far)
  • set up a play date with another dog

any other ideas? please share!

i'm going to the foothills learning center this afternoon to meet with julia and discuss what sort of information would be helpful to get from the ihs officers. will let you know how the trails look.

happy new year's eve, all the best in 2009-

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