Saturday, April 26, 2008

the trails

these are the trails that are proposed to remain off leash, along with shafer butte, which is up past bogus basin. the 2 "p"s in the center of the map are the upper parking lots just past the winter gate. so i guess that in the winter, accessible trails are a bit reduced.

trail 4 is the motorcycle trail. i'm sure they will be happy to have more pedestrians- and dogs- to dodge.

i have spoken to several women who are not comfortable using these trails due to their remote location. include myself in that number. seems sort of like being on the greenbelt alone at night- just not a smart thing to do.

many of these trails cross open range and wildlife habitat. if we send off leash dogs up higher, with no education or enforcement, this situation is ripe for huge conflicts.

the memo says that "enforcement is the most critical part of any successful program". i agree completely, but wonder about the ability to enforce rules this far out. the equivilent of 2 full time people, as suggested, would have their hands full enforcing the lower to mid trails.

why not start with enforcing current rules?

full, larger map available to see- and download- on the Ridge to Rivers website

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