Sunday, April 27, 2008


there are lots of sheep right off the trails where crestline & lower hulls meet. good idea to leash the dogs in this area. we ran into some women whose dogs had been chased off by the border collies. we went through, but very slowly so as not to frighten the sheep. not sure if this area is blm or private property. best to reduce conflicts either way, to keep open access.

this poop bag was behind a tuft of grass on crestline. people who leave bags to pick up later usually put them out on the trail so as not to miss them. i always wonder why anyone would go through the trouble of bagging, then hide (as it appears here) or fling (which i have also seen). we packed it out.

nice morning, polite mountain bikers, polite dog people, dogs on leash in on leash areas. it was working the way it should.

thanks to the folks who are out talking to people & raising awareness.

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