Thursday, April 24, 2008

first post

the new recs from the committee would give us 25% of the trails- from 95% now for off leash activity. one of the trails is shared with motorcycles. i'm sure they will be pleased to dodge dogs. the proposed trails are remote and not near good parking areas. it appears that, rather than enforce current rules and educate the desire is to push the problems farther out. (note: if the shafer butte trails are included, the number is 42% offleash, but those and rocky canyon are far enough out as to not be considered for daily use for most of us)

i talked to a woman this morning whose corgi was running toward echo & i in the on leash area and asked her to read the recs and please observe the current rules or we would all lose. she told me to shut up, she was sick of listening to people like me, she is there with her loose dog all of the time and never sees me and if echo was off leash like her dog it wouldn't be a problem.

even tho the area we were in is on leash.

not the first time for this type of conversation. until the city enforces current rules i don't see how making things more restrictive helps.

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