Tuesday, February 16, 2010

why flagging happens in february

i've had a few comments about how people can't get out & clean up the trails when they're muddy, so why is this the time of year that poop is flagged? here's the explanation:

"In regards to the flagging, it was started 2 years ago when we had the dog working group meeting during Jan, Feb and Mar. Jim suggested using flags to see how big the problem was at different trailheads and to provide a visual to the general public and media about the extent of the problem. Since we had that data, we figured we might as well revisit it annually so as to see if there is any ebb and flow. As you may remember last year it was way better at the lower hulls trailhead, about the same at Table Rock and worse at Corrals compared to the previous year."

of course, last year it was cold enough that the trails were frozen & usable in the mornings. we'll see how the count looks this year. i have to say that i think things have been worse on the trails i use since this fall. i hope that i'm proved wrong.

again, thanks to everyone who helps out on a regular basis- i know that there are lots of you out there.

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