Thursday, February 4, 2010

fly away

so tired of this wet gray stuff! we got out later in the afternoon yesterday, and although it was too wet to be using chickadee we saw plenty of people doing it anyway. and plenty of opp laying around. i have been on move quick and get back to work excursions lately, and haven't had time to clean up after the slobs, but need to do so soon.

on our way out on the on leash trail, saw a woman sitting on the ground & a loose dog. stopped. when she looked at us i asked to not to let her dog run up. she replied that she had just sprained her ankle and i said i'm sorry and stood there. she corralled her dog.

a group of runners came in with their dog off leash & she told them that i wanted their dog leashed. what i wanted was for loose dogs not to run up to my leashed dogs, but that worked. as i walked by, i asked the woman if i could call anyone for her.

she asked "what do you do with your dogs on the off leash trail?" when i explained that we were on the on leash section, i was following the rules, loose dogs and leashed dogs don't mix she allowed as to how that made sense.

here's the thing, though- the trails are off leash under control. that means that owners supposedly can control their dogs and keep them from running up to other dogs or people. so it really shouldn't be an issue.

i've had people whose rude dogs have charged us be apalled when my dogs back them off, so i find it better to just stay as far away from other dogs and dog owners as possible unless it's someone i know.

i think i need some sun.

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