Wednesday, February 10, 2010

remembering to be thankful

today was a challenge from the get go. one of those days where every task took 4 times longer than it should and there wasn't going to be enough time in the first place. started work early and finally realized i had to get out & clear my head.

after my b-a-d dogs pulled me down trying to say hi to a golden who was walking by (operator error, i took my attention off of them for just a minute) i decided that today was probably not going to be the day to brave the gauntlet of 4 labs (3 black, 1 yellow) and a few assorted other dogs and their owners having a party smack in the middle of red fox. echo can tell when i'm grumpy and tense and it makes him edgy too. go figure.

so instead we went backwards through the scary woods. and lo and behold, it was quiet and peaceful and there were birds chirping and the magic combination of exercise, fresh air and nature began to work its magic.

 the trails look better than they have for some time- much less opp, which greatly improved my mood.

as did the red tailed hawk soaring in circles overhead.

happy trails

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