Wednesday, December 30, 2009


what a gorgeous day! we followed a mom and boy into the reserve, both lugging sleds. she had a plastic tobaggan & he had a saucer sled. i didn't want to take a photo for fear of maybe bothering her, but i was really wondering where she though they were going to sled. on the trails? not too considerate of other users, tho maybe she thought no one would be out.

there were sled tracks going down the trail that leads from where the photo below was taken down to the pond. the same place i found guys building a ski jump last year. makes it nice & packed down & icy for the rest of us.

the dogs & i sure enjoyed the walk. echo's wearing his new ruffwear boots from idaho mountain touring, and they are just dandy! no snowballs between his pads & toes to stop & chew off- or to melt once we get back home.

4 of us with dogs, 3 without- this at around 10:30. and you can see all of the fun being had in camel's back.....

happy trails!

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