Monday, December 28, 2009

beautiful day and.....ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

it was pretty gray this morning- i didn't have high hopes for scenic shots, but the trail came through. red tailed hawk showed up

these deer were hanging on a hill between the trails at the top of camel's back & the houses above red fox. the trails up there are supposed to be on leash, but people do ignore that rule. an especially bad idea this time of year when the deer are low.

ended up going through the scary trees to avoid a "probably pretty passive" (but not coming so well when called) border collie. glad we did, the reflections are always pretty back there

as are my favorite rose hips

and of course my favorite sky/sagebrush/owyhees in the distance vista

the ARGH!!!!! part- not good.

it was also off leash dog fest in camel's back. some guy throwing the frisbee for his dog right toward the trail coming out of the reserve, so that when she went to retrieve it looked to my dogs like she was running right at us. fabulous. he was very nice when i asked him to please not do that, said he didn't see us.

5 of us with dogs on the trails, leashed where necessary and very nice when asked to keep their dogs controlled; 3 without dogs.

happy trails!

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