Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry christmas!

we were out yesterday and today- both very quiet, beautiful walks. corrals this morning around 8:30-

the trail is, as usual, getting pretty chopped up coming out of the lower (miller gulch) lot. this is mud and the more use it gets when soft now the more unpleasant it will be to hike/run/ride for months to come.

we saw elk tracks both today on corrals & yesterday on 8th street past the road closure. didn't see any elk, but kept a good watch on the dogs.

walked the interpretive trail a bit yesterday as well- heard voices & saw the bikers across on sidewinder. otherwise, no one about.

the interpretive trail is also showing signs of wear where it isn't snow covered. it was still frozen at 10:30 yesterday morning, but be careful if it's warm & things are softening up.

happy trails!

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