Monday, January 25, 2010

monday monday

gray & sort of soggy.... started work early so we could get out during the day. it's always good to be out on the trails, and we've been missing it lately. headed down red fox which was fine since it's sandy. when we got to chickadee i started up, but noticed halle leaving prints in the soft mud to the side so we turned back around & did the loop across the road & through the grove instead.

took an early lunch, so we didn't run into too many other people. i did see the i.hs van in one of the parking lots, and ran into 3 other folks with dogs & 1 group without. much quieter than first thing in the morning or at noon. lots of birds about- saw a red tailed hawk all fluffed up high in a tree in the grove, lots of chickadees and some mourning doves.

 nice, peaceful head clearing walk- good start to the week.

if you know anyone who's looking for a small red dog bootie it's waiting for them on the sign going into the grove from 8th street.

have a great week & happy trails!

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