Wednesday, January 20, 2010

back! pretty dry!

the dogs & i were so glad to be back on the trails today- and what a beautiful morning it was! you can seet that things have dried out.

 beautiful blue skies and snow on the mountains. i opted not to look down and to just enjoy the walk today. didn't have time for opp duty either, so why stress about it?

 this woman was walking out ahead of us. i had to stop and wait while she and her dog who was walking behind her at least 6-8 feet on the flexi got far enough away from us. not knowing how her dog reacts to other dogs or whether mine might think they needed to play and knowing that the owner is paying zero attention to what's going on (tho at least she'd know if there was a poop stop) it seemed easier to hang back. (yeah, i get that it's an old dog, walks slow, etc but i still think that if there's a chance of running into other people the dog should be in sight, not 6 feet behind). 

anyway- beautiful morning, 6 with and 1 without.

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